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What is saptak or octave?

In music, there are three main octaves or 'saptaks' known as the 'mandra,' 'madhya,' and 'taar.' Among these, the 'madhya' octave is considered the reference for the 'mandra' and 'taar.' Depending on where we start singing comfortably according to our vocal range, the octave that forms above that point is called the 'madhya-saptak.' Below it is the 'mandra,' and above it is the 'taar.' The 'taar' octave is higher than the 'mandra,' and the 'mandra' is lower than the 'madhya.

on a basic level we have three octaves and for a good range it is important to practice in all these three octaves.

- Middle octave - Madhya saptak

- Lower ctave - Mandra saptak

- Higher octave - Taar saptak

following picture will help you to understand more about all three saptak.

showing the three octaves or saptk in Hindustani classical music, lower, middle and higher.
understand the octaves or saptak

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