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Wandering has always been  a part of the human existence. It facilitates expansion of the vastness that we already are, through creatively motivated curious endeavours. Our vision behind the development of this website and our journey is to add meaning to this wandering through music and musical expressions. We believe that music is a Universal lanugage and is instrumental in dismantling boundaries and barriers of any kinds that might be present towards embracing a journey on the musical trajectory. Through our project, we wish to assimilate and culminate musical expressions into the lives that we touch & to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves & music without inhibitions and resistances. Our vision is to maneuver ways in which music might induce a positive and efficient transformative change in the ways people perceive art & to help people reach a sense of agency & self-efficacy.


we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 9999150322

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