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Naadras - A 7-day immersive Hindustani music workshop with the experience of baithak


 Experience a weekend of pure bliss with an immersive workshop on the enchanting melodies of North Indian Classical Music. Delve into the fundamentals and advanced levels of rāgas (melodic forms), tālas (rhythm cycles), rhythmic phrasing, vocal and instrumental styles, training methods, musicality, performance aesthetics, and universal concepts of music - all through the lens of classical repertoire.


This workshop is designed for students of all instruments and levels who possess a deep interest in learning music. Immerse yourself in practical singing and interactive discussions with fellow music enthusiasts. Whether a beginner or an experienced musician, you'll walk away with a newfound appreciation and understanding of this captivating genre. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the rich heritage of North Indian Classical Music and unlock your musical potential.


Program Objectives:


After this program, the participants will be able to


-Gain an entry point into understanding as well as practicing the Indian classical music   tradition through the various learning modules

-Explore the Indian music swar laya and taal

-Obtain an overview of the various elements of Hindustani classical music, and develop a holistic understanding & appreciation for the genre

-Achieve a continued immersion into the practice of Indian classical music through takeaway practice exercises and modules that can be implemented at multiple levels of training


Topics Covered


-Swar sadhana - Type of notes,  breathing exercise, vocal dynamics, vocal movement, concept of alankar, understanding the tanpura, Harmonium and tabla.


-Laya sadhana - understanding the role of time in music, principles of rhythm and counting, practices to develop and deepen the intuitive sense of rhythm, concepts of taal, types of taal, ang of taal, layakari. Tāla (rhythm cycle) - understanding the cyclic treatment of time in Indian music through the concept of tāla, and learning the bols or alphabets of taal


-Rāga sadhana - the central concept of all Indian classical music. Understanding the intricacies and nuances of this phenomenon that makes Indian music so special, and learning to sing, improvise and communicate with a rāga in line with the principles of the HIndustani classical music tradition.


Bandish (composition) - combining the various rhythmic and melodic frameworks studied with application to poetry in the form of a composed musical piece in Hindustani music. The aesthetic sense in music. 


Baithak - An experience of music sitting with renowned guest artists of different instruments and vocals. 


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